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Shemesh Automation, a premier global manufacturer of packaging machinery and industrial automation appliances, today announced the appointment of Shai Shemesh as Company CEO, succeeding his father, Eli Shemesh who remains as the Company’s President.

Shai Shemesh officially joined Shemesh Automation in 2013 as Managing Director to lead the Company’s Global Expansion out of London after leaving a Deutsche Bank Bonds Trading position in the City of London. He has an MBA from New York Stern School of business and an LL.M. (magna cum laude) from Tel-Aviv University.

Eli Shemesh, the Company’s founder and former CEO on the appointment: “in the five years since Shai has joined the business the company has more than quadrupled in size – a staggering achievement few believed possible. Shai brings an array of skills and acumen from his previous role as an investment banker as well as considerable experience as corporate lawyer to the business. In doing so, Shai has also brought positive human capital diversification to an otherwise dominant engineering & high-tech driven mindset environment. He has a healthy appetite for risk as well as the vision and charisma a true leader really needs. Based on our substantial growth and success since Shai has joined the family business, I could not have been happier with this decision – both as a father and business-wise”.

Shai Shemesh also commented: “The Company’s Leadership Succession and Transition Plan is an ongoing process and today’s appointment is an important milestone in that Plan’s execution”. Shai also added that “While I was more focused on alternating between the finance, business development, marketing or strategy deliverables in my earlier years at the business, I see my main focus going forward as building teams that work fast and learn faster, combining a constant sense of urgency and great passion for the job and our vision. I strongly believe that I already have some of the smartest, strongest, and most determined leaders in the industry on my teams today”.


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