SA Sealpro

The world’s most advanced fully automatic laminate cutting and thermo sealing machine.

    The SEALPRO automatically cuts the sealing laminate according to your product size and thermo-seals it accurately in position. It offers 6 individually temperature controlled welding heads built inside one robust sealing block that deliver a consistent application of heat to ensure a perfect seal.


        • Fully Automatic
        • Applicable to all the most common container types in the Cosmetics, Food, Pharma, Health & Beauty industries
        • Sealers are offered as either as Cut & Seal solutions that cut and seal film from a reel or as Seal Only solutions using pre-cut lids.
        • Products can be formed cups (made of PS, PP, PET, APET CPET, aluminum and coupled cardboard), trays, bags or containers (made of plastic, glass and metal)
        • Solutions are available for sealing only or with vacuum/gas facilities to extend product shelf life
        • Build-in QC for YES/NO or Total vacuum seal options are also available.